what you outta know

Hello Beautiful Ones!

And welcome to all of the newcomers! 

We have some fun things to throw your way:



  • We are playing at Elsewhere Zone 1 this Thursday, 2/20/2020, at 8:00pm.  We are honored to open for Jimmy Whoo, and this is going to be an amazing show!

  • We are also headlining at C'mon Everybody, by the wonderful Indiewitches, next Thursday 2/27/2020 at 10:00pm (doors are at 8:00pm)!

Lastly, Ben and I would like to give some love to Freshcoast Podcast, who lost one of their own recently.  They are dear friends and played our music from the get-go. Please send them good energy, love, prayers and support <3.

And as always, you all's support is what keeps us going, so please don't forget to listen, follow, like, and subscribe if you like what we are doing!


Thanks so much and much love always,

-Uruguay (Ben + Stepha)

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