Our Story

The dynamic duo of Uruguay met on a circumstance of fate. Both had moved to New York City for dreams - Ben an electronic music producer, and Stepha a model - however, the realities of the city soon led to a string of struggles. In the midst of a difficult time, the neighborhood bakery on Frederick Douglas and 117th provided a space of serenity. 

The woman behind the counter took a liking to us and visiting her every morning quickly became a tradition that helped us get through the exhaustive work days. After weeks, we finally asked where she was from.... She answered: “Uruguay.” 

One year later, we started talking about a band name. We mulled over a few.... But something about feeling the slow rock of the train while the sun washed the city in a faded blue/gold haze made “Uruguay” come to mind. We returned to the bakery to tell the woman how much she meant to us and our band, but sadly there were no remnants left. The bakery had since shut down and replaced by a commercial real estate firm. 

Uruguay is a symbol of our beginnings and the wonderful people who have and are helping us along the way. We can only hope that through our success we’ll be able help someone else the way that she helped us. 

Today, Uruguay is an undeniable force in the realm of electronic pop. Taking a grungier approach to the genre, the group harnesses influences from Flying Lotus and dark feminine narratives like FKA Twigs. These inflections have been translated into a neon kaleidoscopic of sonic waves through their organic production and dynamic vocals. 


For booking and press inquiries, please contact:uruguayband@gmail.com